10. How do I access the Rakuten Securities HK MT4 on my mobile device?

After MT4 Mobile (IOS/Android) installation, enter your login name and password and make sure you are connected to the server “RakutenSecuritiesHK-Live”. The Rakuten Securities HK MT4 Mobile Platform has access to all the functionalities of the desktop application. As such, you can manage your Forex trades easily from your mobile device.

9. How do I view my account history reports?

Locate the “Terminal” section in MT4 then click on the “Account History” tab. Right click on any field and choose the time period for the report. Right click again and choose “Save as Report” or “Save as Detailed Report” to save the file to your desired location. The report will then appear in your default […]

6. Why do I see “no connection” or “invalid account” message?

“No connection” – Please check your firewall/anti-virus setting and add MT4 platform as an exemption or turn off anti-virus/firewall. Also, please ensure you are connected to the internet. “Invalid Account” – Please refer to the e-mail with your MT4 application login credentials and make sure you entered the correct account number and password. In addition, […]

5. How do I edit an order on the MT4 platform?

In the “Trade” section, locate the open order, right click on it and select “Modify or Delete Order”. Once the order window appears, enter values for the “Take Profit” and “Stop-Loss” and click “Modify”. Please note that greyed out fields cannot be changed.

4. How do I place an order on the MT4 platform?

In the “Market Watch” section, double click on your desired currency pair for the order window to appear. Enter the Volume (lot size) and click either “Sell” or “Buy” for an instant order. For a “Pending Order”, enter the type of order and the desired price. “Stop Loss” and “Take Profit” values may be entered […]

2. How do I log into my MT4 live trading account?

Once your account is approved, you will receive an e-mail confirmation with your MT4 application login credentials. To log in, go to “File” > “Login to Trade Account”. Enter your user ID and password and click the drop-down list to choose “RakutenSecuritiesHK-Live”.

1. Where do I download the MT4 application?

MT4 is available in both Windows & MacOS (Desktop & Mobile Versions). For Desktop Version you can download from our website, for Mobile Version please download from App Store (for iOS users) or Google Store (for Android users). MT4 Windows MT4 MacOS MT4 iOS MT4 Android

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