Rakuten Securities HK offers leveraged* currency trading with the leverage level at 5% per lot (20:1 leveraging, the maximum allowed by the SFC regulations).

Requirements for leverage may be changed from time to time at the sole discretion of Rakuten Securities HK, based on volume traded and market conditions.

  • Minimum Initial Margin Level – 5%

    In order to open a new position, available account equity must exceed initial margin level requirement. The initial margin level requirement is 5% of open positions value.

  • Minimum Maintenance Margin Level – 3%

    When the equity of an account falls below the maintenance margin level requirements, Rakuten Securities HK has the right at its discretion to close all open positions. The maintenance margin level requirement is 3% of open positions value.

  • Minimum Liquidation Margin Level – 2%

    When the equity of an account falls below the liquidation margin level requirement, Rakuten Securities HK will automatically close all open positions in the Rakuten FX account or close from largest losing position to the smallest in MT4 account until margin status back to above 40%. The liquidation margin level is 2% of open positions value.

Minimum Initial Margin Level
Minimum Maintenance Margin Level
Minimum Liquidation Margin Level
5% of Open position value
3% of Open position value
2% of Open position value

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