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Speedy Execution, Tight Fixed Spread¤ & High Order Execution Rateɞ

Benefited by tremendous financial capacity and the cutting edge FinTech of Rakuten Securities, Rakuten Securities HK is proud to present an award-winningʊ online forex trading platform – Rakuten FX. Its speedy execution, intuitive layout, and advanced analysis tools, definitely offers a brand new forex trading experience for Hong Kong traders.

Rakuten FX trading platform is an easy-to-use platform with robust functionality, its AS Streaming trading function allows speedy order execution with an execution rate over 95%. We lower your trading cost with tightly fixed spread¤ and no extra cost. Seize every investment opportunity with this powerful platform on desktop, mobile and web devices.



Good Design Award
MARKETSPEED-FX has been honored by GOOD DESIGN AWARD for its achievement of fastest processing speed in the world and especially focusing on usability.


Merits of Achievement in Forex Services
Rakuten FX has been honored by capital weekly in Forex Services for reflecting our growing strength and influence on the FX investment landscape.
Empowering traders with an unprecedented trading experience of its 95%ɞ order execution rate of AS Streaming and Streaming orders together with full set trading functions.
AS Streaming
  • Submit no hedging market order
  • Fast One-Click order execution for day trader
  • Simply click Buy or Sell on rate panel to open or close positions
  • Closing order supports FIFO, LIFO, P/L Loss, P/L Profit
7 Popular Order Types
  • AS Streaming, Streaming, Stop, Limit OCO, IFD, IFO
  • Leave Order (Stop Loss or Limit Order) can be placed/modified/cancelled during weekends~
  • Fast One-Click order execution for day trader
  • Closing all trades or all same symbol in one go
Advanced Trade Features
  • Pre-set your preferred trading lot size, slippage pips
  • Auto email notification for all order executions
  • Save/copy the price rate data
  • Real-time account reports
Trading from Charts
  • Direct trade & manage orders on chart
  • 9 popular and unique chart types
  • 44 basic and advanced indicators
  • Customize the parameters, color, line etc
  • Add your favorite RSS news feed
  • Set your preferable platform layout, display time zone, color up to 10 layouts

Download Rakuten Marketspeed FX (Desktop only)

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