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IFO (If Done OCO) is a combination of an IFD and an OCO order, which means set an IFD entry order and 2 corresponding OCO close orders. Once the IFD entry order is executed, 2 OCO close orders will be activated accordingly, but only one side of an OCO order will be executed, the remaining order will be cancelled automatically.

Unlike AS Streaming and Streaming orders, you cannot set slippage for IFO Orders. Please be aware of potentially unlimited slippage.

Place Order

1. Open “Order Window”
2. Select a “Currency Pair” and a “IFO” tab
3. Enter the “Amount” (10,000 or 1,000 of the base currency)
4. Set the “IFO” order
5. Set the “OCO” orders
6. Set the “Expire” (Day/Week/Good-Til-Canceled GTC)#
7. Click “Confirm/Submit”

# Definition of Order Expiry
- Day: Order will expire automatically at NY market close on the same day it is created. If the order is created on Sat or Sun, order will good until the next trading day’s NY market close.
- Week: Order will expire on Friday NY market close in the same week it is created.
- GTC: Order will stay open until it is cancelled or executed.