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(Desktop Platform)

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【Important Notice】The Two-factor Authentication (2FA) will be implemented in late April 2018. Clients are required to use 2FA for accessing Rakuten FX & Trading Station. Learn More.


Platform Display

Display Settings

Symbol - Select the default currency pair for Rate Panel, Rate Table, Unique Charts, Order Window

Panel Alignment - Select “Horizontal”/ “Vertical” alignment when docking windows.

Link/Unlink panels when undocked - Show or hide the detached window when MARKETSPEED FX is minimized.

Font - Select “Extra Large”/ “Large”/ “Medium”/ “Small”. Changes will be applied by restarting the platform.

Display Time - Display up to 3 time zones from 15 cities/regions

Skin/Background Settings - Set window color and platform opening image Changes will be applied by restarting the platform.

Window Mode

1. Click “Window Mode” on the top right corner
2. Select “Simple /Advance Edit Mode”
   - Simple: All windows aligned together
   - Advanced: Set the windows at your preference
3. Drag the windows

My Page

Customize the platform layout and window setting of panels to better suit your trading preference and style. You can save up to 10 “My Page” layout.

Create Layout
1. Set the platform layout and window
2. Click “Edit Name” and rename
3. “Save” as back up

Import Layout
1. Click “My Page” at the top right corner
2. Click a blank “My Page” layout
3. Select “Import” and choose your MSFX layout file (.msfxhkmp]
4. Click “Edit Name” and rename

* Please note that the layout will be overwritten when you import a file.


There are 6 templates for selection – “Default”, “Info”, “Double Chart”, “Day Trade”, “Triple Chart”, and “Compact” layouts. These templates can be further modified and saved as a new “My Page” layout.


1. Click “Ticker” on the top right corner
2. Select “Show /Hide”
3. Select “Settings” to choose the display “Symbols” or “News”

Restore Default Settings

1. Click “Settings” at the top right corner
2. Select “Display Settings”
3. “Reset to Factory Default” at the bottom right corner