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Bonus 1:HK$50 Bonus 2:HK$200
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Cash Bonus Required Round-turn Notional Trading Volume Cash Bonus Required Round-turn Notional Trading Volume
HK$2,000 10,000K HK$1,000 5,000K
HK$400 2,000K HK$200 1,000K
HK$100 500K    

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New Account Welcome Bonus – Terms & Conditions
1.1 This offer is applicable for Rakuten FX and Trading Station account opened during Jan 2, 2018 – Apr 30, 2018.
1.2 To qualify for the bonus, you must complete the required trading volume during the period between Jan 2, 2018 and Apr 30, 2018 (market close).
1.3 Round-turn trade refers to the same currency pair.
1.4 Bonus only available one time for each client.
1.5 To enroll in this offer, please register here or email us with the campaign code NA2018 by Apr 30, 2018.
1.6 Once trading requirement is met, bonus will be credited to your active account(s) by May 31, 2018.

Important Disclaimer
2.1 For USD account, all HKD account bonus will be converted to USD at 7.85.
2.2 This offer cannot be used in conjunction with offers of other promotion campaigns.
2.3 If the account is closed before the crediting period, you will not be eligible for the offer.
2.4 Rakuten Securities HK reserves the right to suspend, vary or discontinue the above offer and amend the terms and conditions thereof at any time without prior notice. In case of any dispute, the decision of Rakuten Securities HK shall be final and conclusive.